Related Programs

Related Programs

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies Department offers dual-track major leading to a BA in Environmental Studies or a BS in Environmental Science as well as a minor in Environmental Studies . The Program integrates perspectives from the humanities, social and biophysical sciences with the mission of producing not only ethical and capable environmental professionals but environmentally literate and responsible citizens. The minor requires introductory courses in Environmental Science, Environmental Ethics and Environment Policy, plus 3 elective courses.

Fair Trade

Siena College seeks to educate all members of the community about Fair Trade. As a Franciscan Institution, we strive to harness the power of Fair Trade to create a more sustainable, peaceful and just world. The Fair Trade Steering Committee, chaired by Political Science Professor Dr. Vera Eccarius-Kelly, provides community members with concrete ways to become active participants in the Fair Trade movement. Through awareness-raising efforts, co-sponsorship of special events, participation in regional and national conferences and networking opportunities, the committee establishes relationships with local and global partners to empower our collective voice.

Based on standards of accountability, transparency, cooperation, respect for human labor and the dignity of the worker, members of the Steering Committee reach out to a growing number of community members to transform patterns of consumption by offering a menu of economically, environmentally and socially sustainable alternatives to traditionally produced and traded products.

International Studies

The International Studies Program serves as a catalyst for campus and community discussion of various globalization issues. International Studoes is defined as ‘the growth of relations among people across national borders that creates a complex series of connections that tie together what people do, what they experience, and how they live across the globe.” The program places special emphasis on evaluating the effects of these relations on the marginalized and the poor.

The minor complements a variety of majors and requires that students take the Globalization introductory and capstone courses, as well as 4 electives. In addition, students must study abroad and show competency in a foreign language at the intermediate level.

Latin-American and Caribbean Studies Certificate Program

The newly designed Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies promotes campus-wide intellectual discussion and research on the larger geographic region by focusing on population groups, cultural influences, socio-cultural developments, and economic and political issues. Rooted in the identity of Franciscanism, this interdisciplinary course of study seeks to develop critical and creative thinking with an emphasis on cultural diversity. Approved courses for the Certificate promote a deeper analytical understanding of the complex relationships between communities and states in our hemisphere.

Pre-Law Certificate Program

Siena’s Pre-Law Studies Certificate Program is designed to familiarize students with a broad range of legal principles. By using a case law approach, students are not required to take a specific sequence of pre-law courses. As a result, students build a solid informational foundation they can use when considering advanced legal education.

Certain Siena courses, beyond those in the core curriculum and those required by a student’s major, are of particular value when planning to attend law school: Introduction to Writing or Advanced Writing, Oral Communications or Organized Communications, Symbolic Logic, Finite Mathematics, Legal Environment of Business or Commercial Transactions, Civil Liberties, Introduction to Criminal Law, and the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments. All of these courses are useful for enhancing communication skills, along with the critical and analytical thinking needed for the LSAT and the first-year curriculum of most law schools.

Student Conference on United States Affairs (SCUSA)

Every fall, the Political Science Department sends a junior or sophomore who has performed at the highest level in both the Comparative Politics and World Politics courses to represent Siena at SCUSA [the Student Conference on US Affairs] hosted by the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Students spend 4 days listening to prestigious speakers and interacting with students from across the U.S. and the world discussing various global topics and issues and developing a group position paper on prospective U.S. policy to be presented at the last session. The student then shares her or his experience with Political Science majors and minors in a public forum. 

Women's Studies

Politics involves men and women; nations utilize gendered imagery to motivate public policy; democracy requires gender equality; democratic leadership should involve men and women at all levels. Explore the intersections of politics and gender! Consider being a women’s studies minor. It’s good for women and men!

Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary field focused on women and gender. The Siena Women’s Studies Program introduces students to the analysis of gender roles in a variety of cultures, fosters an appreciation of diverse women’s contributions to society and the arts, and trains students in feminist theories and research methodologies. Women’s Studies offers students a means of understanding social, intellectual, and political forces that mold both women and men’s lives, and of examining how class, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, ability, and nationality intersect with gender.

Our courses examine gender issues such as the body, politics, social roles, psychology, business, health, global forces, artistic movements, law, media and other topics, and these studies aid students in challenging sexism and other sorts of oppressions. Our program gives students opportunities to engage with the community beyond the campus through problem-based service learning projects with community-partners, and travel courses that bring students into contact with women in various parts of the world.

The field of Women’s Studies is rooted in social movements and feminist activism dedicated to social, economic, and political justice, which is consistent with Siena’s Franciscan belief in the sacred worth of all persons, no matter their social position. Women’s Studies is a transformative academic field that is analytical, but also ethicalpromoting justice, inclusiveness, and egalitarian human relations. The National Women’s Studies Association explains that “Women’s Studies is about personal and intellectual growth, both for the faculty and the students….It empowers male and female students to become active learners and social change agents.” We work in alliance with other interdisciplinary programs and campus groups devoted to fostering diversity of our community.

Department Chair

Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis

Associate Professor of Political Science

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