Undergraduate Research


Physics faculty members pursue research in astronomy (Finn, Moustakas), atomic physics (Rosenberry), biophysics (Coohill), computational physics (Vernizzi), elementary particle physics (Bellis, Cummings), X-ray optics (McColgan) and space physics (Weatherwax). 

Students are actively involved in research during the semester and over the summer. As a nice perk, our students have had the opportunity to visit California, Arizona, Greenland, Chile and China on research-related travel!

Faculty research is currently funded by the National Science Foundation, NASA, and the Department of Defense, with the amount of active research grants exceeding $4,000,000.  External and internal funds are available to support students, so please inquire with faculty members if you are interested in gaining research experience while getting paid!

Department Chair

Rose A. Finn

Professor of Physics

254 Roger Bacon

(518) 782‑6764