Being a Community Assistant at Siena College is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, learn how to be a member of a team, and help other Siena students become involved in their residential area and on campus. CAs serve as an educator, advisor, administrator, role model and mentor for the residents of a floor/wing/ or townhouse area. 

The CA works to create and maintain a healthy and safe environment for the academic and personal growth of students. A CA is the embodiment of a Siena Saint: expected to treat other students, supervisors, and fellow Siena employees with courtesy and respect that all individuals deserve. Below contains all of the information that you need to move forward with the application process and learn more about the CA position. 

CA Position Oveview

Learn more about the core responsibilities of the CA position at Siena and if it would be the right fit for you. 

CA Selection Timeline

Mark your calendar with important dates and deadlines relating to the CA Selection Process. 

CA Candidate Resources

We want you to be the best candidate possible as you move through this process. Here is a list of people who can be a resource in your preparation.