Our goal is to have all of our freshmen students reside in a traditional double, triple or quad style room. However, depending on the size of the incoming freshmen class, students may be assigned to an increased-occupancy triple room (a traditional double room with added furniture to accommodate three students). Students who are assigned to an increased-occupancy triple room will receive a credit of $750.00 at the beginning of each semester they reside in their increased-occupancy room.

As the semester begins and we see changes in occupancy, we will offer room changes to reduce the number of increased-occupancy triple rooms. Students in increased-occupancy triple room assignments will be given first preference for openings which become available in freshmen residence halls. The Office of Community Living will be reaching out to students through their Siena email addresses as spaces become available.

Room Configuration

All increased occupancy rooms will have the following:

  • 1 set Bunked Beds
  • 1 Lofted Bed
  • 3 Dressers
  • 3 Desks
  • 3 Desk Chairs
  • 2 Closets

*If students would like to change the layout of their room, staff will be available to assist.