Q: When and where do I get my Siena College Identification Card (SAINT Card)?

A: Freshmen and Transfer students:  Welcome to Siena College. The Saint Card is the official ID of Siena College and you will need to carry it with you at all times. All students must submit their picture online for their Saint Card due to Covid-19 precautionary measures to reduce density at the Saint Card Office.

Saint Card Application & Photo Submission Instructions

Q: What should I pack/bring to campus?

A: For a list of suggested items for resident please see “What to Bring” list

Q: When are the Closing/Break Periods during the Academic year?

A: Please refer to our Important Housing Dates section of our website for opening/closing dates for all major break periods.

Q: Does Siena College Offer Insurance for my belongings? 

A: No, Siena College does not cover student property brought to campus.  Please be sure to inquire if your family’s homeowner’s insurance will cover your belongings at Siena.  If not, we strongly encourage all students to have an insurance plan for their belongings.

Q: How do I connect my phone, laptop, and/or computers to the Siena network?

A: Information on computer and phone setup will be included at the check-in tables on move-in day. Information Technology Services (ITS) is located on the first floor of Hines Hall and can be reached at 518-786-5000.

Q: What cable TV options does the College offer?

A: Basic cable is provided as part of your room rate.  For information on cable setup, please click here.  

Q: I want to bring a rug for my room, how big is a standard double room?

A: All standard double rooms in Ryan, Hennepin and Plassmann Halls are 10'10"x15'10". Padua Hall rooms have a living space of 14'x17'6" (14'x25'10' overall space with bath dimensions). Hines Hall rooms vary in size, so it is best to wait to purchase a rug until you arrive on campus and can get accurate measurements for your specific room.

Q: Can I buy curtains for my windows?

A: To comply with New York State Fire Code regulations, curtains are not allowed in any residence hall room. Every student room comes equipped with mini-blinds to allow students to control the amount of light coming into their room.

Q: How wide is the closet opening if I want to make a covering for it?

A: Closets in Hennepin, Ryan and Plassmann Halls do not have doors. Again, due to New York State Fire Code regulations, students are not permitted to use any type of cloth or curtains to use as a closet door.

Q: How do I change my meal plan?

A: Students can change their meal plan over the summer via their Housing Director Self-Service account.  Step-by-step instructions on this process are available by clicking here.  Students can also change their meal plan within the first 14 days of the fall and spring semester online.  After 14 days into a new semester, meal plans cannot be changed.

Q: Can I add money to my meal plan during the semester?

A: Yes, if you run short on bonus dollars, you can add money to your account through the saint card site.

Q: Where are laundry facilities located and do I need to pay to do laundry?

A: Laundry facilities are available in every hall for Resident students only. Students have access to laundry facilities without the need for a laundry card or money. The costs for laundry machines is included in the residence hall (room) fees. Please remember resident students are responsible for their own laundry detergent and/or fabric softeners. 

Q: What is a MicroFridge? How do I get one? Can I bring my own?

A: You will receive a brochure in the mail during the summer explaining how to rent a MicroFridge. This unit combines a refrigerator, freezer and microwave that operates on the low amperage allowed in the residence halls. Only one MicroFridge may be rented per room or suite. For more information on the MicroFridge rental program, please visit: www.refrigeratorleasing.com.

The maximum size mini refrigerator that is allowed is 4 cubic feet and microwave is 900 watts. 

Q: What are the Residence Living Guidelines?

A: Visit the Community Standards section of our website to learn more.

Q: What is Siena Life?

A: Siena Life is the official student handbook of Siena College published by the Office of Student Life and given to each student at the beginning of the academic year.

Q: Is there anywhere on campus to cash a check?

A: Siena College does not have an on-campus bank kiosk, but there is an ATM in the Sarazen Student Union currently owned and serviced by Key Bank.

Q: Is there public transportation to/from campus?

A: Yes, there is a CDTA bus stop at the campus entrance. Visit www.cdta.org for schedule and fare information.

Q: How can I contact the Community Living Office?

A: Email us at housing@siena.edu or call us at (518) 783-2919.

Q: What are the Housing Damages and Housing Maintenance charges on my bill?

A: Residents are assessed common area damages and individual room damages at the end of the academic year. The common area charges consist of intentional vandalism and damage to your specific building, floor and/or wing of which were are unable to identify the responsible parties. Those residents living on a wings and/or floors where such damage occurs have been encouraged to either address and/or provide college staff with the name(s) of those responsible. Failure to do so will result in an equal distribution of the damage costs amongst those residents living on the floor/wing.

Additionally, those students who neglected to check out of their room are charged a $100 Improper Check Out Fee and when appropriate, the $25 Core Replacement Fee and a $5 Key Replacement Fee (if you did not turn in your keys). As per Siena Life, you are unable to dispute any damage charges if you failed to check out of your room.