Saint Cards are issued at no charge to all new students and employees. 

    1. Complete a Saint Card Application
      You can either complete a saint card application at the office
      Complete it online (use you email sign-on (minus and your email password)
    2. Provide a Photo
      You can have your picture taken in the office
      You can upload a photo ahead of time at
      If you are uploading a picture then you must complete the online saint card application.
    3. To obtain your official Siena College Saint Card, you must appear in person to the Business Services Office
Photo Guidelines

Use the Browse button to locate the ID picture you would like to upload. Then click Upload to submit the new picture for approval. Accepted photo types are JPEG, PNG and GIF file types. Maximum file size is 1MB. All pictures will be reviewed and you will be notified if the picture is not acceptable.

    • Photo Guidelines:
    • Color Photo, Passport Style
    • Current Self-Portrait (Taken within 6 Months)
    • Full Face Front View
    • Head is Centered Facing Straight towards the Camera
    • Background Should be Plain White and Free of Shadows
    • Make Sure the Photo is Clear and in Good Quality
    • Do Not Wear a Hat or Sunglasses
    • No Head Coverings Unless Worn Daily for a Religious Purpose
    • No Snapshots (Candid) Photos
    • Photos Copied or Digitally Scanned are Not Acceptable


There is no charge for the initial card; however, a fee is charged for replacements cards ($35).

If a card is deemed to have a malfunction that is not due to neglect, it must be surrendered to the Business Services Office at which time it will be replaced at no charge.

Replacement Card:

  • If your card is lost or damaged due to negligence, you will be charged a replacement fee of $35.
  • This fee can be charged to your Student Account, Saint Card (if money is available on your Saint Plan) or payable with cash or check.

DO NOT punch a hole or slot in your card. If you do so and your card becomes disabled, you will be charged the replacement fee of $35.00

You are responsible for caring for your card and taking reasonable precautions to protect it from unauthorized use. Cards are essentially the property of the College and may be confiscated, if used in a way other than intended, as stated in the card policy.