As part of being a residential student, Siena College has a 4-year residency requirement for undergraduate students. A student's status as a residential or commuting student is determined at the time of admission to Siena College. In addition, because residential living is fundamental to the mission of the college and the experience of a Siena student, all full-time residential undergraduate students are required to live on campus and participate in one of the college meal plans. The residency requirement does not apply to our commuter students.

Students must retain full-time academic status to live on campus. Exceptions for students taking fewer than 12 credits may be made on an as-needed by the Director of Community Living.

Residency requirement exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. The two primary grounds for seeking a release from the residency requirement are medical accommodation or financial need. However, we understand that life can be dynamic and therefore special circumstances and/or hardships are considered as well. If a student is seeking to be release from the residency requirement, they should email and one of our staff members will reach back out with the proper documentation and procedures.