As a community member, consideration must be shown for others and responsibility must be assumed for individual behavior. The Community Living Guidelines were established to protect the rights, privileges and safety of all persons living in college residence facilities.

All students in the Siena Community are required to know and abide by the policies and regulations outlined in the Community Living Guidelines section of the student handbook, Siena Life.

Any infraction or violation of these terms and conditions is considered a violation of the housing contract and/or the Code of Conduct.

Violations of the Community Living Guidelines may be addressed as a housing contract issue and/or a Code of Conduct violation under the student judicial process, as determined by the Dean of Students or designee.

The Housing License may be terminated at any time or not renewed for subsequent terms for reasons of health, safety, security, conduct and/or damages or excessive filth.

The provisions of this section apply to the residence halls and townhouse complex. Unless specified, all guidelines pertain to all residential areas. Policies/regulations specific to either the townhouses or the residence halls will be identified as such.

Community Living Guidelines

For specific details and description of the Community Living Guidelines, please view our student handbook, Siena Life.