Siena College Health Service maintains a medical record for every registered student taking 6 credits or more as required by New York State Public Health Law. 

  • This record contains health information and complete immunization documentation. 
  • These records are maintained while students are attending Siena College and for a period of seven years after leaving the College.

Requesting a Copy of Health Records

If you are planning to enroll in summer courses, transfer to another college, or enroll in graduate school, you may be required to submit a copy of your health record. 

  • To obtain a copy of your records please call the Health Service office at (518) 783-2554.
  • Records can be picked up at Health Services during administrative hours. 

If you cannot come in person to pick up your records:

  • Submit a written request by mail or fax which includes your name, date of birth, SID number, details of your request and signature. 
  • The record(s) will be faxed to the specified fax number. 
  • Please allow three (3) business days to process your request.



All student medical records are confidential.  Siena Health Service staff are trained and maintain compliance with HIPPA regulations.  No information can be released to anyone, including parents or legal guardians, without a signed written consent from the student requesting release of the medical information.  Exceptions are possible in the case of a legally executed subpoena or in accordance with public health regulations.  In the event of a life-threatening situation, a judgement may be made as to who may need vital information.  No personal medical information will be communicated to patients or others by email.