What is the NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transport Program)?

Siena College has made arrangements with a local taxi company to provide transportation for students for emergency room visits that do not require an ambulance and/or for off-campus medical appointments and permit the students to charge the fee to their student account.

How do I use the NEMT?

Call Public Safety at (518-783-2376) 24 hours a day to make a request for a medical transport. If it is not an emergency requiring transport by an ambulance or clearance by EMS, Public Safety will contact the cab company and arrange for the taxi to meet you at an agreed upon location on campus. 

You will need to know the street address of your appointment if you are not going to the emergency room. Only those calls for medical transports to the cab company from Siena College Public Safety or Health Services will be charged to student accounts.

The cab driver will have a voucher for you to sign. You will get a copy of the voucher for your records.

Where will the taxi take me for emergency room visits?

St. Peter’s is the preferred hospital for Siena students. Therefore, the taxi company will normally take you to St Peter’s for emergency room visits unless directed by you to another hospital.

How do I pay for the taxi?

The fees for the taxi rides will be placed on your Siena College student account. You will pay for the rides when you pay your college bill.

Will the taxi wait while I’m at the doctors?

The taxi driver may wait while you attend your appointment. If not, you will be provided with directions on how to arrange a return trip with the NEMT cab company.

How do I get back from the Emergency Room if I went via ambulance or got a ride from someone else?

Call Siena Public Safety at 783-2376 and Security will arrange to have a NEMT cab come pick you up.

How much will it cost?

There is a flat rate set for transportation to the hospital emergency rooms.

St. Peter’s Hospital                   $23.56 One way
Albany Medical Center             $17.52 One way
Albany Memorial Hospital        $14.50 One way

To go elsewhere (doctor’s appointments, labs, etc.) there is a zone map that determines the cost of the fare.

How much will it cost to go to my doctors office?

You will need to refer to the zone map with the fares by zone to determine how much the one way and/or round trip fare will be.

May I use the service is my doctor is in Schenectady, Troy, Clifton Park or Saratoga?