The only cost incurred at Health Service is for:

  • Medications dispensed
  • Medical supplies provided
  • Laboratory testing

These charges are sent to the Siena Business Office for student billing. The Health Service does not bill insurance companies but students may request a receipt of charges if they wish to submit their own insurance claims. Services performed outside the Health Service such as x-rays, lab tests, hospital or specialist services will be billed to the student directly by the institution providing the service.

Medication Costs:

The health care provider staff at Health Service may dispense medications from their onsite pharmacy.  This includes commonly prescribed over the counter medications and prescription medications such as antibiotics, inhalers and topical medicines. 

Costs for these are billed to the student account through Business Affairs.

Laboratory Costs:

All laboratory testing performed at Siena Health Service is sent to St. Peter's Hospital Bender Laboratory for processing and billing. 

St. Peter's Hospital will bill the student's health insurance plan and the student directly for services rendered.