Welcome Parents!

Siena College understands the vital role parents play in the college experience and we want to partner with you to support your child’s success at Siena. While our primary relationship and communication will always be with your student, we want you to feel part of the community as well.  It is important that you be included in the life of our campus and the college experience of your daughter or son.  Equally important is for you to have information on all of the campus resources available to assist your child throughout their academic career.  As the Associate Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students, I serve as the primary resource for you to discuss concerns ranging from your child’s general will being, adjustment and engagement issues, or emotional or behavioral difficulties.  J. Bebb, Senior Associate Dean of Students, is also available to follow up on your concerns.  In order to speak with you regarding your child’s educations records (e.g. grades, course schedules, discipline files), we require a signed release from your child to speak with you except in situations where the health or safety of the community may be compromised.   Again, welcome to the Siena community and we look forward to working with you and your family throughout your child’s Siena experience.

Michael Papadopoulos
Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

* For information just for you, parents and family of Siena students, follow our Siena College Parent and Family Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SienaCollegeParents.

A Siena Parent’s Prayer

Most high, glorious and good Creator God.

We praise you and we thank you for the gift of sons and daughters who are about to begin the next stage of their journey to adult maturity and responsible citizenship at Siena College.

We are grateful for the gifts and talents with which you have endowed them and their many accomplishments.

We beg you Lord to continue to bless them and fill them with a thirst for knowledge, understanding and wisdom; with the desire to seek the good in every situation; and with the courage to act with integrity in building relationships, developing their competencies, and discovering how they might best use their gifts to build a more just, peaceable and humane world.

We beg you O Holy One to bless all the members of the Siena Community with the wisdom they need to accompany and mentor our sons and daughters both inside and outside the classroom during their Siena experience.

Finally Lord, we also ask you to bless us with a spirit of trust, confidence and calm as we support and encourage them on the next stage of their journey as “Siena Saints.” May we continue to walk with them, support them, encourage them, and, yes, even admonish them when necessary, as they become the individuals You call them to be. AMEN

Prayer by former Br. F. Edward Coughlin, O.F.M., Ph.D., President of Siena College (2016).

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