Damietta Cross-Cultural Center

‚ÄčAt Siena, we respect, support and celebrate the uniqueness each member of our community brings to campus.

We believe diversity enriches the Siena experience for everyone. The Damietta Cross-Cultural Center works to provide services and events that promote diversity in a fun and engaging way. Some examples include:

  • Cross-Cultural Solidarity Experience
  • Expose, a culturally-themed talent show
  • Heritage month celebrations
  • What Would You Do?, a workshop that provides students with strategies for promoting inclusive communities.

We work with several student-run groups to help in promoting diversity, including:

  • Asian Student Association
  • Black and Latino Student Union
  • Muslim Students Association
  • Latinos Unificando Nuestra America

Contact Information

Christa Grant

(518) 783‑2375

Damietta Cross-Cultural Center

Sarazen Student Union

Room 302

PH: (518) 783‑2330

FX: (518) 786‑5053