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We believe diversity enriches the Siena experience for everyone. The Damietta Cross-Cultural Center works to provide services and events that promote diversity in a fun and engaging way.  We seek to empower students to be agents of change by fostering an inclusive community as active bystanders and peer educators. Some examples include the following:

  • Fall Fusion & Expoze, culturally-themed talent shows
  • Heritage month celebrations
  • Breaking The Chain, an experiential workshop which allows participants to experience life in the identity of others by physically seeing and carrying the weight of being stereotyped.  Participants develop greater sensitivity to those who are different from themselves.
  • Game of Enlightenment, participants learn about privilege and social identities through an interactive life size board game.

We work with several student-run groups to help in promoting diversity and inclusion, including the following:

  • Asian Students Association
  • Black and Latino Student Union
  • Muslim Students Association
  • Latinos Unificando Nuestra América
  • Pride - Gay Straight Alliance

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