Damietta Cross-Cultural Center

To celebrate the culture of a sovereign nation experiencing war and oppression, Siena welcomed a company of Ukrainian dancers, musicians and singers to the SSU on October 6. 

Uniting with Ukraine performed traditional folk songs and dances from their homeland for an audience that also had a chance to sample classic Slavic dishes such as pierogi and golumpki before the music started.

“We’re showing solidarity with Ukraine in a celebratory way, while not minimizing the horror of the war they are living through now,” said Br. George Camacho, director of the Damietta Cross-Cultural Center, which was one of the co-sponsors of the performance. 

To show that support through the language of dance, Siena’s Bhangra team opened the event, which was specifically held during Francis Week to promote peace and respect for all creation.

“We look out for each other regardless of our backgrounds, and we hope that the Ukrainian culture will be preserved for future generations,” said Br. George.

A percentage of the company’s booking fee was donated to the Red Cross in Ukraine, and donations were also collected at the performance for the Ukrainian relief organization Razom.