Some of our programs include talent shows, cultural celebrations, speakers and performances, and social justice dialogues. 


Fall Fusion

Our student-run culturally themed talent show that is put on in the fall.


Our student-run culturally themed talent show typically held in the spring.

Uniting With Ukraine 2022

“We’re showing solidarity with Ukraine in a celebratory way, while not minimizing the horror of the war they are living through now,” said Br. George Camacho.

Dia de la Raza Concert and Dialogue Rick Reyes 2021

Every year the 12th of October is celebrated as "Race Day", a celebration and recognition of the mixed indigenous and European heritage of Mexico.

Rick Reyes is a storyteller performer, songwriter, troubadour, and producer. He grew up in Puerto Rico and fell in love with using creativity as an outlet. 

Learn more about Reyes here.

Damietta Open House Fall 2023

On Monday, September 18th, Damietta held its annual Open House. Affinity clubs, athletes, and study abroad students joined the Damietta Advocates in a fun (free food) fiesta!