ITS is committed to providing the services and technology infrastructure that meets the needs of our community. 

ITS Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to provide a robust technology infrastructure which supports and enhances the overall mission of Siena College. We recognize that technology is not just computers and we endeavor to provide the following:

  • A communications infrastructure that encourages sharing of information and ideas.
  • The resources, tools and services that support, enable and enhance teaching, learning, and research for both faculty and students.
  • A set of systems and applications that support the administrative functions of the college which provide the data needed to support informed decision-making.
  • People based support and assistance to enable everyone in the Siena community to take advantage of the resources we provide.

We strive to provide all of the above in a way that is stable, sound, and reliable, yet protects the integrity and security of data while ensuring appropriate access as needed by each member of the Siena community.