Are you ready to work remotely? Do you have the eSSENTIALS NECESSARY TO WORK or teach from HOME

If you’ve never worked or taught remotely follow these steps to prepare. Don’t forget to do a test-run to make sure your equipment works as expected. 


  1. Identify the computer that you will use to work remotely
    1. Computer - Laptop & power adapter or a working desktop at home
    2. Internet Access - commercially provided or via wireless hotspot
    3. Microphone - may be built into your laptop or you may need an external device for your desktop.
    4. Webcam - may be built into your laptop or you may need an external device for your desktop.
  2. Ensure that your personal computer is updated and secure
  3. Test Everything - make sure everything works before you need it.  Contact ITS Help Desk if you need assistance.
  4. Access to your files (if needed)
    1. Make sure you can access your electronic files using one of the remote access tools provided (listed below)
    2. Make sure you have identified any paper files that you’ll need to bring home.
  5. Office computer’s tag# for setting up remote access  (see below)        ITS Computer Tag

SEt up your office computer for remote access

Some applications and network drives can only be accessed off campus via remote access.

Your computer will need to be left turned on  for remote access

setup Remote Access


VMware Horizon View Logo

Test logging in to your work computer 

Whichever software you decide to use, VMWare View / Chrome / RDP Gateway, be sure to test your connections to be sure they work properly.

Once connected:

  • Can you access files?
  • Does necessary software work?



ITS Help Desk

During academic terms
8:00am - 7:00pm Mon-Thu
8:00am - 4:30pm Fri