How to deliver a "Face to Face class experience" in an Online mode

How to preserve:

  • the regular student interaction
  • the give-and-take while discussing a particular source or topic?
  • How to take a course that seems to depend on synchronous activity and make it work in a completely asynchronous environment?

Where do you begin?

This may seem like an overwhelming task, and you will likely have many questions about how all of this can work. First of all here is an article from Inside Higher Ed that you may want to take a look at.

Canvas - Learning Management System (LMS)

Use Canvas to 
  • Connect with student online. Communicate and keep them up-to-date.
  • Help students understand the content through your Canvas course organization.
  • Engage students through discussions or group projects.
  • Give and collect student feedback

Course Design Tutorials

These are some tutorials designed by Academic Technology, you may find them helpful in designing your class.

Tools for Use with your teaching

Phone Conference Call - (phone bridge) can be used for live lectures or virtual office hours.

Video Recording Tools used to pre-record a lecture or capture something you do on screen.

Web Conferencing Tools can be used for live lectures or virtual office hours.

Remote Access Tools can be used to access resources that are only available from on campus.



Siena has a campus agreement with Microsoft for the Office Suite.  As part of that agreement, Microsoft makes Office 365 Education available to our community for no cost.


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