The Network & Systems team provides system administration support services for central academic, enterprise, email, and research computing systems. These services include:

  • Designing, installing, configuring, and maintaining campus computing infrastructure
  • Technical support of enterprise and academic  applications as well as Data Center operations
  • Account management and electronic resources access control
  • Planning, implementing, maintaining data storage processes, back-up operations, and data recovery procedures.
  • Providing network connectivity through wired and wireless connections.
  • Support for campus-wide phone systems including VOIP and cellular.

The residence hall network (FRANet) provides high-speed internet access (wired and wireless) to all residential living spaces.


FRANet (fran-net) is Siena's in-room high-speed Internet connection (RESnet) including both wired and wireless access. There is no charge for your FRANet connection.

Siena ITS is responsible for maintaining the FRANet connection, but you are responsible for keeping your computer running properly. ITS also runs the faculty/staff network and computing labs.

To connect to FRANet, you need the following:

  • A computer. Any new Windows or Macintosh computer should work. Other operating systems may work but ITS does not necessarily support them.
  • A wireless or ethernet network card. These come standard in all notebook computers.
  • A network cable for wired connections. These can be purchased at any computer dealer and at Siena's bookstore.
  • Basic computer security software. This includes up-to-date antivirus and antispyware software. A firewall is useful, though not required (all student computers are behind a firewall that protects against outside threats, but not from threats due to other students).
  • Note: you must have up-to-date security software and all important system patches in order to register to FRANet.

Game Systems

Siena allows the use of gaming devices (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.) on the FRANet network.  Students are required to register their devices when coming on campus.

You will need to be on campus and know the MAC address of your device.

Please note:  Game systems often perform much better when connected to the wired network.  In addition some advanced settings such as "Strict NAT" can only be remedied using the wired network.

Wireless Access

eduroam is the primary wireless SSID for mobile devices and computers.  It is encrypted and may provide more access than SienaAir while also working at other participating eduroam institutions

SienaAir is the unencrypted wireless SSID used across campus.  Most major school systems are available from this system, but not all. This should primarily be used for video game systems, FireTV, Roku, Smart TV, etc.

Be warned: there is no data encryption on SienaAir; therefore, your data is only secure if the site you are interacting with utilizes an encrypted connection (Sensitive Siena systems, major banks and major web storefronts all do so). The College is providing access only to the Internet and does not take any responsibility for any personal information that may be intercepted by a third party through this connection.

  • ITS only supports access using Windows 7+, Mac OS X+, current gen game systems, Android phones/devices, and iOS phones/tablets.  Other operating systems may connect, but we cannot provide instructions or support.
  • The network supports 802.11g and 802.11ac wireless cards.
To connect using Windows
  • Open Connect to a Network by clicking the network icon () in the notification area.
  • In the list of available wireless networks, click a network, and then click Connect.

SienaAir requires network registration while eduroam requires you to authenticate with your siena email address and password.

Once connected, you can usually connect each time without repeating the process.  However, if you have problems connecting, follow these steps again.

To connect using Macintosh OS X
  • Click on the AirPort icon on the title bar (the one that looks like a slice of pie).
  • If AirPort is off, turn it on.
  • You should see "SienaAir" and eduroam listed.
  • Make your selection and follow the instructions.