• All appointments are free and confidential. 
  • Students must schedule their own appointments.  Third parties are not allowed to schedule for someone else.
  • To schedule, call 518-783-2342 and speak with the receptionist or stop by Foy 110 to schedule in person.
  • Appointments can be scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:30am until 4:30pm (closed 12-1). 
  • Students can choose to have their appointment in-person or by Zoom.
  • The American College Health Association has indicated that all students attending an in-person health appointment must wear a mask.  If you do not want to wear a mask, please schedule a Zoom appointment.
  • Please complete your paperwork prior to arriving at the Counseling Center (or for your Zoom appointment).  Once you schedule an appointment, you will get an email reminder with the paperwork link the night before your appointment.
  • If you schedule a Zoom appointment, please find a private location so you will not be disturbed.  If you need a private location, the Counseling Center has a room available on campus for this purpose.  Please contact us to inquire about availability (518-783-2342).  Additionally, the Library has rooms available for reservation.  

If you are calling over the weekend or after business hours, please leave a message with your name and phone number.  The administrative assistant will call you the next business day to schedule an appointment.

Scope of Care   

Overview of Services

   Siena College Counseling Center services are free and confidential. The Counseling Center also provides consultations for students to faculty, staff, and families regarding the mental health of Siena students.

Short-term Counseling

                The Siena College Counseling Center offers short-term counseling for students to reduce emotional distress, learn coping skills, foster resilience, and receive support.  Students who visit the Counseling Center average six visits.  The annual (September 1 to May 31) maximum for visits to the Counseling Center is ten sessions.  Beginning at the first session, the clinician and student will work together to determine if the student’s needs can be met in our model.  For example, students with a history of multiple hospitalizations, severe eating disorders, or active psychoses will likely be referred to the community, given the need for more than 10 sessions of counseling.  For students who require or wish to have more than 10 sessions annually, we can assist you in finding a community provider.  Attending a group counseling session or a skills group offered by the Office of Health Promotion does not count toward the 10 session limit. 


                 The information shared in a psychotherapy relationship is treated with the deepest respect. The Counseling Center is committed to keeping records and information that is shared confidential. Only in situations where safety is a concern and there is imminent risk of harm can information be shared, and in these situations only for the purpose of ensuring safety. 

Frequency and Length of Appointments

   The intake appointment (i.e., first appointment) will be approximately 60 minutes in length, and the follow-up biweekly sessions will be approximately 50 minutes in length.  Missed appointments without 24 hour notice are counted toward the annual 10 session limit.  Students with repeated missed appointments without 24-hours-notice may be referred to the community.  

Assessment of Treatment Progress

                Students will be asked to complete a brief computerized assessment (CCAPS) before each appointment.  This assessment will track how you are doing on your most pressing concerns on an appointment by appointment basis.  Your therapist will review this assessment with you at every meeting and will also ask you how you feel you are doing in counseling. 

Psychiatric Services

                Siena College contracts with external providers to provide medication management.  These providers are available free of charge.  The cost to purchase medications will vary depending on the student’s insurance plan.  Stipulations for seeing the psychiatry providers include:

                * Psychiatry appointments can be scheduled for in-person or Zoom.

                * Student must be engaged in concurrent counseling at the Counseling Center to be eligible for psychiatric services.

                * Students with repeated missed psychiatric appointments may be referred to the community.

                *First appointments with the psychiatrist are scheduled for 60 minutes.  Follow-ups are scheduled for 30 minutes.                                Computer paperwork does not have to be completed for these appointments.

               * No prescriptions for ADHD / ADD medications or benzodiazepines.

Services Not Provided

                The Counseling Center is not able to provide some services.  We can refer students to community providers for these services, if requested.  These services include:

   * ADD / ADHD evaluations

   * Autism spectrum evaluations

               * Learning disability assessments

               * Disability evaluations for housing

Other Beneficial Resources

                Please refer to the resources below at the college for questions on any of the following areas:

                * Housing Accommodations

                * Lab / Bloodwork          

                * Learning or other Disability Accommodations 

                * Meal Plan 


Counseling Center

Foy Hall, Room 110
Monday – Friday 8:30am– 4:30pm
(closed 12pm - 1pm for lunch)
Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:15pm
(closed 12pm - 12:30pm for lunch)
Friday 8:00am - Noon

Stop in and schedule an appointment or call.

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