Alcohol and Drug Education

At Siena College, we promote Franciscan and Catholic values which encourage hospitality, respect and the common good while upholding community standards.  We are dedicated to providing educational programs and resources to assist students in making healthy choices regarding alcohol and drug use.   Our alcohol and drug education campaign includes initiatives such as building-wide residential programming, education/social norms posters, micro-grants for alcohol-free programming and an online prevention course.  We also utilize the active bystander model to encourage students to safely intervene and assist students in danger as a result of alcohol or drug use. 

On this website you will find information and resources to help you make smart and safe choices related to alcohol and other drug use. 

Be Smart. Be Safe.

It is illegal and a student conduct violation if you are under the age of 21 and drink alcohol.  If you are over 21 and you choose to drink – be smart, be safe.

Not the Norm

The Siena College Social Norms Campaign wants to paint an accurate picture of what students are doing on campus. 

Kate Kaufman Burns, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Director of Health Promotion

Sarazan Student Union, Room 320