The function of the Committee shall be to hear claims of grievance presented by a faculty member or by the General Faculty Committee pertaining to the following:

  • An adverse recommendation by the Committee on Faculty Status or an adverse
    • decision by the President, as provided in Section I. B.8.
  • Dismissal of a faculty member on tenure (see II.F.4).
  • Inadequate notice of dismissal (see II.F.3.).
  • Claims of grievance forwarded by the General Faculty Committee.

Membership and Length of Terms

The Faculty Grievance Committee shall consist of six tenured members of the Faculty. Two members shall be elected from each School. All shall be nominated and elected by the Faculty at large. The terms of office shall be three years. The terms are such that the members elected each year shall be from different Schools.

The senior member of the Committee, in terms of years of service to the College, shall act as Corresponding Secretary. Until the membership of the Committee is established the Committee shall be chaired by the Corresponding Secretary.

[See the Faculty Handbook section I, Governance Committees, for procedural information.]