During the second and fourth years of full-time service of each non-tenured faculty member, the Department Head's evaluation will be incorporated into a thorough review performed by the department as a whole. This review must present a clear statement either of support or nonsupport for tenure by the department. The review must be completed by April 20 of the year in question.

The faculty member may invite members of the department or other departments to make a classroom visitation. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to provide the department with sufficient supporting documentation to allow the department to evaluate each of the criteria. This should include evidence of an individual's progress toward a terminal degree, when appropriate.

A written evaluation, assessing each of the criteria for tenure and/or promotion, will be presented to the faculty member involved, who shall read and sign it. It shall then be sent to the School Dean, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, and the faculty member. If either or both deem it necessary, the Dean and the Vice-President will discuss this evaluation with the faculty member.

                                                [Siena College Faculty Handbook, September 1, 2006: III-4(d)]

Format: The department's statement will be written by the department head and will be the department head's depiction of the overall evaluation by the department as per the criteria in the Faculty Handbook (teaching, professional development, and service to the College) and the departmental guidelines. [Attach a copy - note that these are guidelines and do not supersede the criteria in the Faculty Handbook.] The statement will include a description of the process the department used to formulate the statement. The statement will conclude with the department head indicating the vote (or consensus of the department) on the following positions by the set of faculty which the department states that it includes in such decisions:

  1. The faculty is making successful progress towards tenure.
  2. The faculty needs to remedy certain deficiencies before the department will be able to indicate that the faculty is making successful progress towards tenure (these deficiencies will be indicated in writing).
  3. The faculty has remedied previously indicated deficiencies and is now making successful progress towards tenure.
  4. The faculty's performance is not sufficient to meet the needs of the department and the department requests that a terminal contract be offered (with reasons given).