Any faculty member may request the consideration of the Committee on Faculty Status by written notification to his or her Department Chair who must forward any such request, along with the departmental recommendation, to the Committee via the appropriate Dean. The Dean will forward such requests, along with her/his recommendation, to the Provost. In the case of requests from the Library Faculty references to the Dean and/or Department Chair shall refer to the Director of the Library.

  1. First, look at the Committee on Faculty Status current year schedule for Applications to the Committee.  Inform your Department Chair and Dean as early as possible of your intention to submit a request/application. This allows your Department Chair and Dean to discuss your status with you, and also to begin preparations for producing a recommendation. Note: If you are the chair of your department, ask a former department chair to serve in your place for the purpose of handling your request/application.

    Note from Provost: Each individual faculty file in Academic Affairs contains copies of faculty contracts, Department Chair and Dean evaluations, and 2 & 4-year reviews. This is a reminder that a faculty member may contact the Provost's office to arrange review of his/her file, and may request copies of documents contained in their faculty file. When evaluations are received by the Provost, he/she reads each evaluation, and then the paperwork is placed directly in your confidential file. It is your responsibility to be sure that your file is complete and up-to-date regarding completed evaluations.

  2. Review the guidelines pertinent to your specific request/application

Guidelines for other requests/applications are listed in the Faculty Handbook. For contractual information about Part-Schedule Teaching see Faculty Handbook II.H.4.

Faculty who submit any request for consideration by the Committee on Faculty Status must also provide an updated copy of their CV Personal Data Record with each request.  Reminder: Do NOT put your Social Security Number on your PDR.


Check List

Please use this checklist to assist you in your request/application.

  1. Check the Current Year Schedule for Committee Considerations and Deadlines here.
  2. Inform your department chair, and inform your dean of your intent to apply.
  3. Review guidelines for requests/applications (and the Faculty Handbook)
  4. Complete your application and address a cover letter to the Provost.
  5. Obtain a recommendation from your department/department chair. Obtain a recommendation from your dean.
  6. Submit your applications to the Committee on Faculty Status via Digication ePortfolio.