Students with hearing impairments may be eligible to use an FM system. The College is responsible for supplying this piece of equipment. The faculty member simply attaches the microphone to his/her shirt. The student is able to hear the lecture through an ear piece.


An interpreter for the hearing impaired will be provided for those students who require it. The Office will work with the student to determine situations outside the classroom where the interpreter will be necessary to meet academic requirements. 


  1. Students who are granted a note-taking assistance accommodation will be offered the use of a Livescribe Echo Smart Pen. The college will loan the Echo Pen to the student. Students afforded this accommodation must alert the faculty member they are using this tool in class. 
  2. Students with certain disability-related limitations may be eligible for copies of in class notes should a Livescribe Pen not be a viable option. The office attempts to locate students within the class who are willing to share copies of their notes. 
    Having copies of class notes is not an excuse to miss class. Students are expected to attend class regularly. Notes provided by a classmate should ideally be used to supplement any notes the student with a disability has taken.