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Browsing our website to learn more about the programs we offer? We’re glad you landed here. We’ve got in-demand new majors, awesome concentration options and more exciting additions on the way. Right now, we’re up to 36 majors, 49 minors, 3 graduate programs, 15 certificates and 20 concentrations. But let’s get to the details. Here’s the latest in Siena College’s academic offerings.

New majors

Applied physics. If any of the following topics sound like your kind of thing—materials science, fluid dynamics, digital electronics, mechanics, strength of materials, engineering design—then our applied physics major might be for you. You can elect to specialize in a particular field of engineering (mechanical, electrical or civil), while being prepared to transition directly to the workforce, or pursue graduate work in engineering or physics.   

Communications. With tracks in journalism, sports communication, marketing communications and digital marketing, and political communications, our communications major isn’t just a catch-all major. It’s designed to give you both broad and specific knowledge on the path you ultimately find yourself down. Take courses in Communications Law, Digital and Media Literacy, and Rhetoric and Writing. Work on the production team for a Siena-produced ESPN telecast. Employers will appreciate your well-rounded skills no matter what industry you work in. 

Data science. Data science is all. the. rage. right now in the job market. The Harvard Business Review even called it the sexiest job of the 21st century. So, we made it a major. Thanks to Siena’s just-right size and incredibly fast academics team, we were able to put together a curriculum that’ll make employers seek you out before you even graduate. No clue what data science is and if you should major in it? Check out this free guide. And learn more about Siena’s data science program if it piques your interest.

Software development. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates 1.1 million computing-related job openings by 2024, but more than 2/3 could go unfilled due to an insufficient pool of college graduates. That sounds like a lucrative opportunity to us. In our B.S. in software development program—one of just a handful in the Northeast—you’ll learn how to manage projects from research to implementation.

New MBA program for undergraduates and graduates

High school students, this is important—and your parents are going to love this! You can now apply to earn your bachelor’s degree and the newly created Siena MBA in just four years. Our first enrollment begins in the fall of 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited. You’ll be able to choose from our four specialized concentrations—business analytics, finance, marketing and strategic management—and graduate with an MBA and a degree in your major, giving you a huge edge over the competition when you’re off to interview for jobs. Graduate students, of course, can also apply to earn the Siena MBA in a full-time or part-time format. Get more MBA details now.

Reminder of our new business major & concentrations

In 2016, our School of Business launched an anything-but-generic new business major, which to this day gives our students much more flexibility than so many other programs out there. You’ll be able to choose two, perhaps even three, concentrations from our list of 19 options:

  • Accounting Theory and Foundations
  • Applied Leadership
  • Business Analytics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Planning
  • Economics Theory and Practice
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Not-for-Profit and Governmental Accounting
  • International Business 
  • Investment Fundamentals
  • Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Research and Analytics
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Public Policy and Economics
  • Sales and Business to Business Marketing
  • Sports and Services Marketing
  • Strategic Communication
  • Strategic Human Resource Development

Reminder of nursing accreditation

If you’re considering a career in nursing, you might already know this: there’s a nationwide push to increase the number of nurses with bachelor’s degrees in the workforce by 80 percent over the next few years. That means a lot of registered nurses will be coming back for their bachelor’s. For high school students, we can help you get ahead. Siena’s bachelor’s degree program in nursing is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing and the New York State Board of Regents. You can earn your associate’s and your bachelor’s in nursing in four years through a seamless program we offer in partnership with the Ellis Medicine Belanger School of Nursing. Read on about our nursing program.

Two important things to note

First, more programs are being announced soon. Second, if you don’t see anything on our list of majors or minors that speaks to you, well, then, design your own major. That’s the beauty of a school like Siena. We’ve got you!