We offer a business education integrated with the liberal arts and rooted in the Franciscan values of inclusivity and service. Our AACSB accredited undergraduate and graduate programs develop versatile and socially responsible citizens with the skills to compassionately lead, serve, and succeed.  


Organizations seek our graduates because we develop the whole person, prepared for a successful career and a life of passion and purpose. 

Core Compentencies

The School of Business provides intellectually challenging educational programs in Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Management and Marketing that empower our students to address the challenges of an ever-changing world and a diverse society. Each School of Business graduate will attain the following outcomes:

  • Decision Making
    Students will make and implement sound decisions.
  • Communication 
    Students will demonstrate effective communication skills across platforms and audiences.
  • Teamwork and Leadership 
    Students will demonstrate effective leadership and team member skills.
  • Social Responsibility 
    Students will recommend actions that consider the impact on all stakeholders, the external environment, and the natural world.
  • Personal Development 
    Students will have the foundation on which to build personal and career success.
  • Business Specialization 
    Students will address organizational challenges and opportunities by applying the in-depth perspective of a business specialization.

The School of  Business has an Assessment Plan for each of the Core Competencies listed above.

Contact Dr. Joseph McCollum, School of Business Learning Assurance Coordinator, with any questions (jmccollum@siena.edu).