At Siena College, full-time, matriculated students in the nursing program are eligible to receive scholarships and grants based on their unique academic, financial, and/or personal circumstances. The part-time student will be offered a part-time package including a reduced credit hour rate that will be comparable to the package the full-time student will be receiving. Scholarships and grants available include:

Need-based Grants

Awarded based on demonstrated financial need determined by the FAFSA, and strength of academic record.

Endowed Scholarships

Through the generosity of friends, family & alumni of the College, Siena has established 275 endowed scholarships. To apply we ask that you research the list of scholarships, and then simply email with the scholarships you feel best match your characteristics.

Federal and New York State Programs

Siena is aligned with all the Federal and State grant and loan programs offered to full-time matriculated students based upon need. (Programs include: Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal TEACH Grant, NYS Tuition Assistance Program, NYS Higher Education Opportunity Program)

Federal Student Loan Programs

Siena also assists students in attaining federal loans for students both full and part time.  The Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program and Federal Perkins Loan Programs are available to students.

Nursing Based Scholarships in New York

There are scholarships available to promote the advancement of bachelor’s prepared nurses in New York State.

The Secor Scholarship Fund provides two scholarships annually to a NYSNA member or family member seeking a degree in nursing.

The Edna A. Lauterbach Scholarship Fund is available to nurses in NY who are seeking to further their education in home care and supporting the needs of aging New Yorkers.

National Scholarships

There are many scholarships for bachelor’s students and are listed on the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (ACN) Website and the Affordable Colleges Nursing Scholarships website.

For more information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (518) 783-2427 or email

Billing and Financial Assistance

Siena College's Business Services Office assists students and families with the payment of the student's account. Several payments options are available including electronic processing and monthly payment plans. Please contact the Office of Business Services with any questions:


Phone: (518) 783-2317

Fax: (518) 786-5004