Year One: Life as a Saint

Student life is a huge part of the first-year experience at Siena — you are a nursing student from day 1. Whether you’re looking to join a club, volunteer in the community, learn a new sport or become a student ambassador, there are countless activities to get involved with on campus. The First-Year Seminar helps you adjust to academic life, and you begin taking core courses in preparation for your nursing classes. 

Year One: Fall

Year One: Spring

FYS 100: First Year Seminar FYS 102: First Year Seminar
SCDV 108: Human Anatomy & Physiology I SCDV 112: Human Anatomy & Physiology II (CDN)
PSYC 100: General Psychology (CDS) PSYC 230: Lifespan Development
Philosophy Core Elective (CDP) ADTV 110: Statistics for Social Science (CDQ)
English Core Elective (CDE) History Core Discipline (CDH)

Years Two and Three: Clinical Resources at your Fingertips

While academically immersed in your nursing studies on the Ellis Medicine campus, in nearby Schenectady, N.Y., you will have access to a state-of-the-art Simulation Lab, Nursing Skills Lab and hands-on experience in inpatient and outpatient services. Meanwhile, you are still living life as a Saint and taking classes on Siena's campus.

By the end of junior year, you have earned an associate’s degree and are eligible to sit for your licensure exam (Belanger School of Nursing NCLEX pass rates are consistently above the national average.) You might even begin working part-time as an RN.

Year Two: Fall

Year Two: Spring

*NURS 100: Concepts of the Nursing Profession *NURS 108: Introduction to Biophysical and Psychological Concepts Across Transitions of Care
*NURS 105: Foundations of Nursing Practice NURS 310: Health Assessment and Promotion
BIOL 195: Microbiology for Health Studies (CFN)  
NURS 300: Advanced Concepts of Professional Nursing Practice  




*NURS 208: Advanced Biophysical, Psychosocial, and Family Concepts  *NURS 210: Transition into Professional Practice
SCDV 220: Healthcare Informatics OR NURS 305: Research to Promote Evidence Based Nursing Research *NURS 215: Professional Role Development
Sociology (any elective in Sociology) OR elective SCDV 220: Healthcare Informatics OR NURS 305: Research to Promote Evidence Based Nursing Research
  Sociology (any elective in Sociology) OR elective

Year Four: Preparing for the road ahead

It’s senior year and you’re enjoying the challenge of upper-level nursing courses. This year will round out your professional formation, teaching you not only to care for others, but also yourself. Like most Saints, you’ll be sad to leave campus after four years, but you’re ready for the challenges ahead. Two degrees, invaluable experiences and the friendships of a lifetime... you’ve got this.

Year Four: Fall

Year Four: Spring

NURS 315: Holistic Pharmacology NURS 320: Caring and Advocating for the Older Adult
Creative Art Core Discipline (CDA) NURS 408: Health Policy (CFJ)
NURS 410: Population and Public Health Nursing Perspectives NURS 415: Transformational Nursing Leadership
MGMT 211: Management Principles (CFD) Heritage Core Elective (CFH)

Religion Core Elective (CDR)

* denotes courses taken at Ellis Medicine’s Belanger School of Nursing