SID / PIN numbers

Your User ID is your student identification number (SID). The first time you log in to Banner Self-Service, you will set your PIN. Your PIN must be eight characters long. If you forget your PIN, enter your SID and click the "Forgot PIN?" button to be guided through a process to reset your PIN. You can only attempt to log in five times before your PIN is deactivated. If this happens, contact the ITS Help Desk at 518-786-5000 to reset your PIN.

Alternate PINs

An alternate PIN is required to access the page for registration. You must meet with your advisor to receive your Alternate PIN.

Degree Audits

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How do I register for a course listed as ‘By Permission’?

You must contact the appropriate individual (usually the instructor) to get a signed permission form. If you can get permission before your designated registration time, bring your completed permission form to your School Office for processing, then register for the section with your other courses. If you get permission after your registration time, bring the permission form to your School Office for processing.

If I do not have printing capability, how can I get a hardcopy of my schedule?

You can either stop into your School Office or the Registrar’s Office to get a copy of your schedule.

Error Messages and Possible Actions
  • CLOSED: There are no seats available for the section requested.
  • CLASS RESTRICTION: Registration is based on a student’s class year, which is based on how many credits you have completed. This error instructs you that only persons of a particular class year may register for this course. See your School Office (e.g., Business, Arts, Science) to request an exception to the restriction.
  • DUPLICATE CRN: You have added the same course/CRN twice. You may go back and search for other courses. The duplicate courses will be deleted from the "Registration Errors" section automatically.
  • INSTRUCTOR'S PERMISSION REQUIRED: You cannot register online for a restricted course. If you receive the instructor’s permission (i.e., signature) to register for the course, bring your permission form (with signature) to the appropriate School Office (e.g., Business, Arts, Science) to be allowed to register for the course.
  • LINK ERROR (A1 or L1) REQUIRED: You have selected a lecture that requires a specific lab section or vice versa. One may not be taken without the other. Please check the registration page for more information. Add the course again with a lab section. Remember to submit the CRNs simultaneously.
  • MAJOR RESTRICTION: This error instructs you that only persons of a particular major may register for this course.
  • MAXIMUM HOURS EXCEEDED: You cannot register for more than 19 credits during registration. Students wishing to register for more than 19 credits must receive permission from the Vice President for Academic Affairs Office.
  • PRE-REQ AND TEST SCORE ERROR: Registration is based on one or more prerequisites you have not fulfilled. The system does not count courses taken at the same time. Refer to the registration page for pre-requisite information. Contact your School Office (e.g., Business, Arts, Science) with any additional questions you may have.
  • REPEAT COUNT EXCEEDS 0: If you have already taken a course, and would like to repeat it (even if you dropped it with a grade), contact your School Office (e.g., Business, Arts, Science) to register for the course.
  • TIME CONFLICT WITH (CRN): Either select another course or, if you prefer this course to the course with which it conflicts, change the "Action" of the registered course (the first column in the Current Schedule section) from "None" to "Drop/Delete" by using the drop-down menu. Then re-enter the CRN of the course you want in the "Add Class" section, and "Submit Changes."
  • CLOSED SECTION- X: You have registered for a class that is cross-listed and closed as a result of the combined enrollment in the two sections.
  • RESTRICTED COURSES: Restricted courses include those in which enrollment is limited to specific class years or majors and courses that require the instructor’s signature. Course restrictions cannot be overridden on the web by anyone. You must have them approved by the School Office that the class belongs to. Only the School Office can remove the restriction so you can register for that particular class.

Need More Help?

Registrar’s Office

Siena College - 515 Loudon Road, Loudonville, NY 12211