New Application 

Use this for initially submitting a new application. This includes all categories (i.e., Exempt, Exempt Limited Review, Expedited, Full). If the IRB requests changes during the review process, you will be provided a web address in an email that you use to access and make changes to your application until it is approved. Please see IRB Handbook for more detailed directions.

Note for student researchers: when you submit your application, it is being submitted to your supervisor. Your supervisor will decide whether to submit to the IRB or return the application to you for changes.

The application proceeds in the system as follows: Student  <--> Supervisor -> IRB.

Amendment (Revision) of Approved Application

Use this for projects that are already approved and you would like to make a modification to the original proposal (e.g., change in co-PIs, subjects,  instruments, recruiting procedures). You will pull down your approval number from a drop-down menu and only be required to outline changes.

Continuing Review (Renewal) of Approved Application

If you wish to continue data collection beyond your approval date, submit a request for continuing review. The request must be received prior to the expiration of the original study. Continuing reviews and amendments must be requested separately.