Certification through CITI must be updated every 3 years.

If a PI or co-PI has not previously completed human subjects training through CITI within the past 3 years, it must be completed prior to submission of a new IRB application.

To complete certification through CITI:

  1. Click the "Register" button in the top right of this page to go to the starting point. 
  2. Create an account after affiliating with Siena College. (Type it in under “Select Your Organization Affiliation” and click both agreement boxes). Use your Siena email address for your primary email.
  3. Select “No” to the question about CEU credit.
  4. The final page of the registration process will allow you to select your course. Select the Human Subjects Research course for students or faculty, depending on who you are. (This is the only course you need for an IRB application.) Click the “Complete Registration” button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Agree to the integrity assurance statement at the beginning of the course and then go into the modules in the course.
  6. Whenever you log back in, the course will appear in the list of “My Courses” in the main courses menu.
  7. Click on the course and the attached list of modules will appear.
  8. Be sure to download (not screen shot) your training certificate in PDF for attachment to your IRB application. Your certificate will have your name and should display as follows:
    Human Subjects Research (Curriculum Group)
    Faculty or Students (Course Learner Group)
    1 - Basic Course (Stage)
  9. If you are recruiting individuals from vulnerable populations, additional CITI Training is required. The specific training modules vary according to the target population and setting. Please see the policy, below. (This supplemental training is valid for 5 years.)

Direct link to CITI site.

Vulnerable Subjects - Additional Required Training