Master Calendar Best Practices:

*For Master Calendar related questions, please contact

Siena’s Master Calendar pulls events from EMS - the room scheduling software of the College. (This does not include EXPRESS BOOKINGS on EMS. These events will not show up on the Master Calender). It is important to note that not all of the on campus events are going to appear in the calendar. You are able to book space in EMS and choose to not have it on the calendar. So, while it is a helpful way to view popular/important events, not everything will appear. 

The best way to have your event appear as clear as possible to viewers, is to make the title of your submission short and direct. This will ensure that the entire title comes through, and it is not incomplete in the heading.


Avoid including time, date and location in the description of your event. This will all be included in the event posting so there is no need to include it also in the description.


When creating your booking in EMS you will need to answer two important questions that are crucial to your events posting accurately in Master Calendar.

  1. Is the start and end time of your event accurate? (The system automatically accounts for set-up and breakdown of an event): It is very important that you include the accurate time when importing your event information. For example, if an event is taking place during free period, the times would be from 12:30-1:30. Do not include your set up/breakdown time. Otherwise, your event will show up on the calendar with the extra time you included for set-up/breakdown and will not be accurate.
  2. Would you like your event published on the College's Master Calendar?: This question is important because it will push your event posting to the correct calendar. On Siena’s Master Calendar there is the option of including your event on the PUBLIC calendar or the SIENA COMMUNITY calendar. PUBLIC means open to people outside of Siena. SIENA COMMUNITY includes events only open to members of the Siena Community, not the general public. If you would like your event published to the College's Master Calendar, select YES. You will then be asked "Is this event open to those outside of the Siena Community?" Answer YES if this is an event for members of the general public, and answer NO if this is strictly a Siena community event. 


Why is my event not shown on the calendar?

If you do not book your event through Siena’s room scheduling software, it will not appear on the Master Calendar. Also, Master Calendar is updated through EMS every night, so it will not show up right away. If you believe your event should be on the Master Calendar but it is not, please contact

What are featured events?

Featured events are shown in a scrolling carousal on the top of the Master Calendar page. These are events that are open to the public to attend, are large Siena Community events or other high-profile events of the College.

I see a ‘Log In’ option, but do not have a username or password.

The log-in feature is for administrators of the Master Calendar only. This group approves events submitted through EMS to the Master Calendar. To submit an event, please visit the campus room scheduling software.