When you’re researching colleges, you’re bound to come across a lot of acronyms, ratings, percentages and accreditations at nearly every school. But if you’re interested in studying business—or a related field, like finance or economics, there’s one accreditation in particular that not every school has, but you—and your parents—definitely want to see. 

That’s the AACSB accreditation, given to only a handful of business programs across the world. Here’s the rundown. 

What is AACSB?

AACSB International is a nonprofit organization that fosters engagement, innovation and impact in business education. Through a rigorous process that reviews a school’s teaching, research, curricula development, and more, they determine which business schools in the world are the absolute best. (Of the more 16,000 schools, fewer than 5% have passed their test!

Why should students only consider business schools with AACSB accreditation?

By choosing an AACSB-accredited school, you can expect a return on your investment. According to AACSB’s website, these schools are recognized by top employers, their graduates are offered more competitive salaries, and many global corporations only recruit from AACSB-accredited schools. If your heart is set on business, your money shouldn’t go anywhere else. 

What does this distinction say about faculty?

AACSB-accredited business schools employ only exceptional faculty members who teach the exact skills that the market wants. They need to be at the top of their game for that school to make it through the review process. And in fact, faculty members have declined positions at schools that aren’t accredited—a true testament to its infinite value.

Which of Siena’s programs are AACSB accredited?

Siena’s AACSB-accredited School of Business offers undergraduate majors in Accounting and Business Law, Business, Economics, Finance, Management and Marketing. We also just launched an MBA program which gives freshmen the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s and MBA in just four years. 

Imagine that for a second: You start at Siena as a business major and graduate in four years with your bachelor’s degree and an MBA. And both carrying the weight of an AACSB accreditation. Now that’s something employers will want to hear about in job interviews.

Let’s talk more about business at Siena. Schedule a personal visit or call with our admissions team. If you want to chat with a business student or professor, we can make that happen too.