Management, School of Business
  1. One times a million is the number of fish jokes I’ve heard. Do tell if you have a good one…or a bad one! I enjoy them equally. 
  2. Two is the number of kitties I have at home: Wednesday and Horatio. Wednesday is aptly named after Wednesday Addams, so you already know her personality. Horatio is named after a character in one of my favorite children’s novels. He’s a total sweetie to my husband and I but a total jerk to his sister.
  3. Three times ten is the age when I first had my long Disney princess hair cut into a mohawk. It was supposed to be a one-off for my birthday but I ended up loving it so much, I’ve kept it ever since. Recent inspo from the inclusive TV show Wynonna Earp. #NailedIt 
  4. Four is the number of small businesses I’ve owned: My first was a custom clothing business featuring medieval and renaissance costumes that I ran for six years (started because I had taken an ENTR310-type course!), an e-commerce school store through a local high school when I taught there, and a consulting company (this was mostly accidental but it definitely counts). Right now I run Jessica Salmon Artist where I produce fine art. (Shout out to Scott Foster, Krysta Dennis, and Mike Lounello in Creative Arts, for all your help!) This was also sort of an accident - I took up painting in the pandemic and slowly ran out of wall space at home. 
  5. Five is the number of countries represented in my Monday research meeting with co-authors/friends: We meet every week to advance our research on international business, strategy, and technological innovation. I’m presenting our latest manuscript at the Academy of International Business annual conference next week! 
  6. Six plus a few odd months is the number of years I’ve been married. I asked him. Justin’s a gamer, so I built him his very own first-person RPG and sent him off on an adventure. While he thinks I won the engagement story, I think he did. He custom designed my engagement ring and our wedding rings out of dinosaur bone and meteorite. *swoons* 
  7. Seven times four is about the number of countries, territories, and special administrative regions I’ve been to. I adore traveling. I just recently brought some of my MBA students to Kenya (courtesy of CURCA and COTFD funding and support from the Center for International Programs) to work on their class project in the field and my associated research. I’m off to Italy in August for the sheer pleasure of it…maybe I’ll hit up San Marino and add another microstate to my growing list. 
  8. Eight times two-and-a-half is the number of roses planted in our tiny front yard. I was grieving a few years ago (and since, TBH) and decided to turn our grassy lawn into a verdant garden. Several years and many trips to Faddegon’s later, we now have a lush Versailles-inspired flower garden, a victory garden, blue slate walkways, and a patio under the Japanese Maple. Many a fine summer afternoon has been spent with my nose in a book lounging by the blueberry bushes and tiger lilies. 
  9. Nine is the number of sports I participate in. Just kidding, I’ve no idea how many sports I’ve engaged in but I know it’s a lot. I range between completely mediocre to 80% competent but have had an absolute blast over the years surfing, horseback riding, skiing, ice climbing, ballet, hiking, yoga, argentine tango, latin dancing, kayaking, hurling, ice skating, gymnastics, rock climbing, and have recently tried spelunking! 
  10. Ten years since I formally started my PhD journey as I approach tenure in the Management Department. Plus two years of planning and studying to even be fit to apply. And this number doesn’t include the years of undergrad and master’s level work. Did I tell you I’m thinking of another degree…for funsies?