No one there plays Fortnite! They don’t allow calculators! Their professors are from Mars!

Okay, so those are extreme (and completely false).

But when you haven't visited a college’s campus or spoken directly with a current student or alum, it's easy to have a few preconceived notions about that college—based on pretty much nothing at all.

While we don’t hear too many misconceptions about Siena, we do hear these below. Thought the same things? Read on for the reality behind each. 

Misconception #1: Small town, small opportunities.

Truth is: This couldn't be further from the truth! Sure, we reside in a safe, beautiful, suburban town, but the opportunities afforded to Siena students extend far beyond Loudonville's town limits. Saints intern for major names across the country, from Google to NASA, and end up working full-time at places like Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and ABC News. They study abroad, learn from industry leaders and connect with an alumni network that spans the world. In fact, Siena was named New York’s #1 college for getting a job. And as for student life, there’s a lot to do in the Capital Region, and we can get to the Adirondacks, Boston or New York City in just a few hours.

Misconception #2: Everyone is from Upstate New York.

Nope! While it's true that towns across New York State are well represented, any given class could include students from across the country. Your friends could hail from anywhere like Texas, California or Florida: here are five reasons an Alaskan chose Siena. What’s more: LendEDU ranked Siena as a top school providing some of the most financial aid to international students. Our diverse student body is one the best things about Siena; so many personalities, but so much in common too.

Misconception #3: You have to be super religious to go here.

Not at all. As a Franciscan community and a Catholic college, Siena does promote certain values—like service to the poor and marginalized, and a commitment to building a more just world. And while there are many opportunities for worship and service here, our students can choose to what extent they practice their religion, whatever that may be. Oh and our friars? They can be found eating in the dining halls, talking about hit TV shows and participating in fun events, just like our students.

Misconception #4: Because it's a D1 school, there are no intramurals.

Quite the contrary! In addition to our 22 NCAA Division I athletic programs, we’re huge on intramurals. Basketball, dodgeball, flag football, soccer, softball, team handball, volleyball, Zumba and so much more. Saints also take part in fitness clubs—like Karate Club, Equestrian Club and the Outing Club—and club sports, including soccer, rugby, ice hockey and others. We also love our esports, so yes, we do play Fortnite here! 

Misconception #5: Play sports or bust.

Good news, non-athletes: even though Saints are pretty amazing at sports and cheering each other on, there are plenty of things you can get involved in that don't involve sweating it out and do involve meeting new friends and making awesome memories. A few of our 80+ clubs and organizations include: Colleges Against Cancer, FeelGood, Her Campus, Italian Club, Mock Trial, Pre-Law Society, Read for the Stars, S.O.L.I.D. Step Team, the Siena College Marketing Association, and Yearbook Committee. See the full list and read more about them on our website, or get in touch with us. We love talking about student life and all the activities there are on and off campus. 

Misconception #6: It snows all year. 

We hear this a lot from families who aren't familiar with Upstate New York weather. It's true that the wintertime comes with snow, but our alumni often tell us that snow days led to some of their best memories here. That being said, fall is gorgeous in the Capital Region, as is the spring and summer. Snow-free and outdoor-friendly. 

Misconception #7: Liberal arts is all we offer.

Actually, you'll find three schools within Siena: the School of Liberal Arts, the School of Science and the School of Business. While we believe a liberal arts education is beyond valuable for any kind of career, one look at where our grads end up show you that we're more than just a liberal arts college. We're a learning community that is equipped with the cutting-edge technology and resources necessary to prepare our students for a successful career in whatever they are passionate about. 

Want to know more? Give us a call! That's what we're here for.