TikTok? Ever heard of it? Kidding.

You already know the platform is known for trends, dances and stuck-in-your-head sounds. 


There are also a slew of TikTok users who have mastered the art of financial health: making money, saving money and getting the most bang for your buck. And on TikTok, they're sharing their advice (for free).

Whether your goal is to save for college, begin to budget or earn yourself some "fun" money (for after studying, of course) - it's never too early to start building strong and smart financial habits.

Check out these five money-savvy content creators for tips on everything from side hustles to savings accounts. 


With over 1.6 million followers, Humphrey Yang's videos tackle relatable topics that make personal finance a lot less daunting. Ever wanted to know "What's the best value at Chipotle, burrito vs. bowl?" Humphrey's got your back and all the hacks.


In a sea of "get rich quick" schemes, Taylor Price aims to equip teens and students her age with sound financial advice. Her videos cover everything from investing with a small amount of money to tips on how to achieve stellar credit as early as 18 years old. (Yes, it's possible!)


The self-proclaimed "Money Man," this 18-year-old UK-based content creator debates the best side hustle for teens (freelancing, anyone?) and inspires over 315k followers to look outside the traditional 9-5 for income. 


Tori Dunlap first took control of her own finances at the early age of 9 by operating her own candy vending machine. Now, she's on her way to earning 100k by 25 years old. Dunlap empowers young women and men to find financial freedom through her public speaking, podcast, and her new book, Financial Feminist


Ever wonder what having over 10 different income streams would be like? Just ask 19-year old Sara Rosalia. Her videos are packed with easy tips, tutorials and tricks that can inspire Gen z-ers to build wealth through entrepreneurship. 

Don't stay up too late watching ALL their videos, but go forth and good luck! And also, if entrepreneurship, accounting, financial planning or business is your thing, be sure to check out Siena College ;)