Five Reasons to Apply Early Action to College

Quick refresher on the types of college application deadlines you may come across in your college search: Regular Decision (April 1 at Siena), Early Decision (December 1 at Siena), and Early Action (October 15 here). So which one should you choose?

10 Movies Filmed in the Capital Region

In recent years, this area has received quite a bit of Hollywood attention with the amount of TV shows filmed in the Capital Region and throughout upstate NY.

But did ya know? Siena’s surroundings have long been attractive to movie producers—we’re talking way back to the 80s to today. And we love that. Because when it’s a little too chilly to hang outside or Saints just need to stop moving for a couple hours, students cluster together in the dorms and watch movie after movie like one big cozy family. (And sometimes, we get to be extras too.)

Download Our Free Financial Aid Guide

What’s the FAFSA? What does EFC mean? Is everyone guaranteed financial aid?

There’s a reason our financial aid team gets these questions (and lots more) every year from high school students and parents. Between the forms, the terms, the rules, the types of financial aid... the whole financial aid process can get pretty confusing!

Liberal arts is the way to go

As a college student today, you will likely be employed in a job that is yet to be created.

This astonishing news from data-collecting giants, such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the World Economic Forum, tells us that about 40% of current jobs will be a thing of the past. Ahead lies an evolving world of work, one where those equipped with lasting, transferable skills—the exact skills honed by a liberal arts education—hold a clear advantage. Here’s why, what to consider and what to know about the liberal arts as you research colleges.


When people think of New York, they often immediately think of New York City. And we get it: There’s a lot to love about the five boroughs three hours south of us.

But that said, we wouldn’t relocate Siena’s peaceful upstate suburban campus if we had the choice.

Transferring to Siena: Get to Know Marley Buffis ‘23

When transferring to Siena, you can expect a simple process, transfer credits, transition into Saint life and at least $28K in scholarships.

This is all thanks to the genuine community vibe at Siena and the Siena Transfer Guarantee, making the switch to Siena as easy and exciting as possible for transfer students like Marley Buffis.

7 things a college’s social media can tell you

We all know real life is different from what it looks like on Facebook or Twitter. But, when it comes to colleges and social media, you can gain a great deal of insight about an institution—and what it might be like to be a student there—by spending some time clicking through their social media accounts.

Take your list of top schools and see what platforms they have accounts on, then log on and consider these seven things a college’s social media can tell you:

10 Things to Consider As You Plan Summer Campus Visits (That You Wouldn't Have Thought of Pre-Pandemic)

While the world is beginning to reopen this summer, so are college campuses. This means… summer campus visits! The best way to know if a college is right for you.

Yet, there’s a pretty good chance that most prospective students are used to everything about the college admissions process being virtual.

So to make sure each and every student stays healthy and safe while planning productive summer campus visits, here are some things to keep in mind, think about, and consider:

Food Talk: Where Siena Students Order Takeout

As you can probably imagine, you're in for a lot of late nights at college. Hanging out with your friends, staying in to write a paper, studying with your roommates for tomorrow's test—you'll be doing a lot of all that.