In harmony with the mission of Siena College and the School of Liberal Arts, the Department of Political Science promotes the rigorous intellectual development of its students through a healthy exchange of ideas both inside and outside the classroom. The Department provides opportunities to think critically about the enduring issues of politics while studying political institutions, processes, behavior, and value systems.

In recognition of the rich diversity of perspectives within the discipline, the Political Science curriculum provides students with a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the study of politics while promoting knowledge within the principal fields of the discipline. 

The Political Science program aims to provide students with:

  • A foundation for future careers
  • Solid theoretical, empirical, and methodological foundation for future graduate study
  • Knowledge and awareness, as citizens, of the responsibility that membership within a democratic society entails
  • Sensitivity to the cultural and political diversity within the United States and the world community

Learning Goals
Students who major in Political Science, including American Politics & Justice, International Relations, and Public Policy & Administration, will be able to:

  • Effectively write and communicate,
  • Effectively demonstrate critical and analytical thinking,
  • Conceptualize and operationalize an effective research design,
  • And, Develop expertise in a specific subject area of political science.