1. Exciting Career Opportunities- Political science majors at Siena have a 97% job/graduate school placement rate. Alumni work as policy makers, lawyers, program managers in public service and private companies, among other careers.
  2. Internship Placement- Two-thirds of all Political Science majors participate in an internship. We have internships for credit in Public Service and the State Legislature.  Our students have interned at the White House, the NY state legislature, Congressional offices, non-profit advocacy groups, and policy think tanks, to name just a few.
  3. The Faculty- Siena’s Political Science Department consists of experts in their fields who all share the common goal of doing everything they can for their students to succeed. With small class sizes, it is easy to get to know your professors personally.
  4. Research- Students in the Political Science Department learn highly sought-after analytical research skills through the Capstone experience, research methods courses, and faculty-student collaborative research.
  5. Post-Graduate Education- 76% of Political Science majors at Siena go on to receive a Master’s, Doctorate, or professional degree.
  6. Course Offerings- Our faculty offer diverse electives, guaranteeing you'll always have a wide range of course offerings. There are also exciting travel courses, such as to Nicaragua or Colombia as part of the travel course on Latin American Politics, to the Nordic countries to investigate gender equality and integration, or to New Hampshire for participation in the presidential primary process.
  7. Popular Culture Relevance- Outshine your peers and professionals as you evaluate power, politics, and the accuracy of shows like “Game of Thrones,” “House of Cards,” “Scandal,” “Mad Men,” “Homeland,” or “Madam Secretary.”
  8. Capitalize on the Capital- Siena is 15 minutes from the New York State’s capital, Albany. The proximity to the capital allows Siena students to have direct access to opportunities within state government and other political agencies through well-established internships, jobs, or advocacy.
  9. The Washington Semester Program- The Washington Semester Program allows students to go to American University in Washington, D.C. to study politics and gain hands-on experience through exciting internships in the nation’s capital.
  10. Connections with Other Programs- There are plenty of opportunities to add another major, minor or certificate to your Political Science major to personalize your study at Siena College. Our majors frequently combine with other programs such as History, Economics, Business, Spanish, Philosophy, Writing, International Studies, Women’s Studies, the Pre-Law Certificate, Environmental Studies, and the Entrepreneurship minor.