Management Department

The Management Department prepares students to manage resources, make informed decisions, and lead with integrity in a global environment.

No matter where you work—start-up, small business, corporate, government, non-profit—you need a set of critical management skills to be successful in today’s diverse global environment. We asked hiring managers and accomplished alumni what our students needed to thrive in their careers and created a program based on their input.  As a result, Siena’s management program is relevant, engaging, and flexible. You will learn and practice skills that apply to the changing world: thinking like an entrepreneur, managing complex projects, communicating with confidence, energizing a team toward high performance and making informed decisions. You will learn to use your talents to serve not just your employer, but society as a whole. Finish our program and start your own company, work in the public or private sectors, join a not-for-profit or pursue graduate education. You’ll have the skills you need to succeed. 

The Management Major at Siena College allows you to:

Prepare for the real world

Learn critical competencies that apply to any position in any organization.  Develop a unique perspective on people, organizations, and the world by integrating your Franciscan and liberal arts education with the management competencies.  Learn to do your work while always working to make the world a better place.  And, gain additional expertise in any of the following concentrations:

Learn through experience

Participate in service learning, simulations, live cases, internships, in-depth research, student organizations, and more.  Every management class includes opportunities to learn the key competencies through hands-on experiences.

Create a network

Interact with executives – in classes and beyond. They watch your presentations, read your reports, and provide feedback.  Gain extensive knowledge of an organization through an internship or make connections by helping a start-up at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Study with accomplished faculty

Our faculty members are practicing scholars that have extensive real-world experience – CEOs, management consultants, board members, entrepreneurs, law firm partner, and a member of President Obama’s Advisory Board.  Our emphasis is on excellent teaching and bringing reality to the classroom.

Department Chair

Melinda Costello

Melinda L. Costello

Professor of Management

214 Colbeth Hall

(518) 782‑6543