Siena College is a learning community advancing the ideals of a liberal arts education, rooted in its identity as a Franciscan and Catholic institution. 

As a learning community,

Siena is committed to a student-centered education emphasizing dynamic faculty-student interaction. Through a blending of liberal arts and professional education, Siena College provides experiences and courses of study instilling the values and knowledge to lead a compassionate, reflective, and productive life of service and leadership.

As a liberal arts college,

Siena fosters the rigorous intellectual development of its students through a healthy exchange of ideas both inside and outside the classroom. It provides opportunities to develop critical and creative thinking; to make reasoned and informed judgments; to appreciate cultural diversity; to deepen aesthetic sensibility and to enhance written and oral communication skills. It develops in each individual an appreciation for the richness of exploring knowledge from a variety of perspectives and disciplines.

As a Franciscan community,

Siena strives to embody the values and vision of St. Francis of Assisi: faith in a personal and provident God, reverence for all creation, affirmation of the unique worth of each person, appreciation for beauty, service to the poor and marginalized. We seek to build a community strengthened through diversity, where members work together in friendship and respect, committed to building a world that is more just, peaceable, and humane.

As a Catholic college,

Siena seeks to advance not only the intellectual growth of its students, but their spiritual, religious and ethical formation as well. To this end, Siena is composed of and in dialogue with people from different religious and cultural traditions; fosters a critical appreciation of the Catholic intellectual heritage in conversation with contemporary experience; provides ample opportunities for worship and service; explores the moral dimensions of decision-making in business and the professions; and affirms the dignity of the individual while pursuing the common good.

Core Values

Siena College’s Franciscan, liberal arts learning community is committed to creating a more just, peaceable and humane world by providing tomorrow’s leaders the Education for a Lifetime. This transformative journey of intellectual, social and spiritual discovery is expressed through our core values:

Person Centered – We develop the whole person through engaging relationships and formative experiences across all aspects of campus life.

Lifelong Learners – We foster intellectual curiosity and the passionate pursuit of knowledge to lead meaningful, successful, and fulfilling lives.

Inclusive - We respect and care for the dignity of all people while celebrating the diversity that enriches our community.

Compassionate Leaders - We lead by putting others first, through our commitment to social justice, service with others, and concern for the poor and vulnerable.

Innovative - We identify, develop, and implement imaginative, forward-thinking ideas with the foresight to meet emerging needs.


Siena College is an innovator in higher education grounded in a Franciscan and liberal arts heritage. We are the standard of excellence in educating and developing leaders who will build a more just, peaceful and humane world.

OUR STUDENTS experience a transformative journey featuring exceptional student-faculty engagement and life-changing opportunities. Our graduates are sought-after change agents who make a positive difference in their professions and communities.

OUR ACADEMIC PROGRAMS are aligned with the needs of 21st century learners, employers and society.

OUR COMMUNITY is inclusive and vibrant. We attract a diverse set of students, faculty, friars and staff who are committed to academic excellence, engaged relationships, and serving the greater good. 

OUR COLLEGE is thriving. We are in high demand and nationally recognized for the dynamic and extraordinary experiences that define our Education for a Lifetime