Siena strives to embody the vision and values of St. Francis of Assisi, including his commitment to building a world that is more just, peaceable, and humane. We must recommit to strengthening the bonds of racial justice to fulfill that mission and ensure people of color in our community feel safe, accepted, appreciated and affirmed. This effort starts with education and conversation. It requires action. 

As these messages have been shared with the community, many of you have reached out to share your stories, perspective and ideas. Your input is valuable and important to informing the initiatives to come. For additional resources, click here

Do you have an event you would like to include in this initiative? Download the official Strengthening the Bonds of Racial Justice at Siena logo below and include on your promotional items.

PACDI Committee

Adam Casler, Associate Vice President for Student Life
Angie Jabir, Senior Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator
Arindam Mandal, Professor of Economics
Ausra Park, Professor of Political Science
Brad Bodmer, AVP for Develop & Ext Affairs
Beverly Thompson, Professor of Sociology
Chingyen Mayer, Associate Professor of English
Cherisse Young, Director of Alumni Engagement
Donna Bradbury, Senior Director Bowman Center for Women
Davina Mayo Dunham, Program Coordinator of Social Work
Glenn Braddock, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
George Christian, Presidential Actions Officer
Gregory Gebbia, OFM, Director of Enrollment Management Strategic Partnerships
Ginny Darrow, Board of Trustees
Holly Grieco, Professor of Religious Studies
Jesse Moya, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Education
Ned Jones, Vice President for Enrollment Management
Julia Zielinski, Associate Director of Communications and Public Affairs
Kate Burns, Director of Health Promotion
Kathleen Kiernan, Assistant Director of Board/Cabinet Relations 
Kelly O'Donnell, Assistant Vice President Communication Public Affairs
Kiley Pendergast, Assistant Director Experience, Executive Assistant to the President
Kathleen Roberts, Administrative  Assistant to Vice President
Katie Szalda, Director Of Admissions
Lisette Balabarca, Associate Professor of Spanish
Lois Goland, Title IX Coordinator ./EEO Specialist
Linh Hoang, OFM, Professor of Religious Studies
Laurie Naranch, Associate Professor of Political Science
Matthew Bellis, Associate Professor of Physics
Moddie Linen, Assistant Dean of Students
Margaret Madden, Provost and Senior Vice President
Fr. Mark G. Reamer, OFM, Vice President for Mission and Guardian of the Franciscan Friars
Nimmi Trapasso, Board of Trustees
Rong Fu, Department Chair and Associate Professor in Sociology
Fr. Bob Sandoz, OFM, Student Academic Success and Engagement
Fr. Roberto Serrano, OFM, Damietta Center
Charles Seifert, President
Soyoung Joo, Associate Professor of Marketing
Mary Strunk, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Will Figueroa, Assistant Director Mission Engagement
Walter Liss, OFM, Trustee
Yasmin Fisher, Director of HEOP
Zach Brimmer, Associate Director Strategy Communication  Experience 

Student Representatives

Alyssa Blanco
Arlette Tejeda Jimenez 
Holly O'Garro
Kevin Goodman
Mouda Al-Zaydan 
Shelsy Vicente Gross
Sebastian Bentz
Tynicia Hendrix