Dean of Students

Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students serves as a central campus resource to assist students in the management of issues or concerns, and aid in the achievement of personal and academic success. Through partnerships with students, enforcement of policy, administration of the student conduct review process, and sponsorship of programs and training sessions that enhance the understanding of students' rights and responsibilities, the office fosters responsible conduct and personal accountability, strengthens skills in conflict management and resolution, and focuses on the moral and ethical growth and development of the individual within the greater community.

The office is responsible for handling incidents of student and student group misconduct. The dean of students is the chief conduct officer for the College and, as such, oversees the student conduct process. Any question of interpretation regarding the College's code of conduct and/or the conduct review procedures shall be referred to the vice president for student life, dean of students or designee for final determination.


Community Standards and Conduct Review

The philosophy of Siena College regarding student conduct is grounded in fostering student skills and an understanding of what it takes to live responsibly in a community, focusing on the growth and development of the individual within the greater context of the community.

To foster responsible conduct and personal accountability, disciplinary procedures and penalties for violations of rules and regulations are designed for personal growth in moral and ethical development, while protecting the Siena College community and enabling the College to pursue its stated mission. Conduct which disrupts the community will be addressed appropriately.
The Franciscan Values DORS Initiative is often used as a framework for addressing student misconduct. (DORS stands for diversity, optimism, respect and service.) Siena College considers members of its community to be mature individuals who are responsible for establishing and accepting appropriate standards of conduct. Each person is expected to conduct himself /herself in accordance with the regulations of the College and such laws of the local, state, and federal governments that apply. Policies and procedures also are provided at