Siena College is committed to promoting a learning and working environment where discrimination and harassment are not tolerated. Acts of discrimination and harassment, which are offenses directed against persons because of their identification with one or more protected categories, are prohibited under Siena’s Discrimination and Harassment policy

If you have witnessed, or believe you have been the victim of, an incident of discrimination or harassment, please submit a Bias Related Incident Report online. Your report will enable the college to track bias-related incidents, and may lead to an investigation through which those responsible are sanctioned for their conduct.

Lois Goland, Title IX Coordinator/EEO Specialist for Siena College, will receive all submitted forms and contact you for an appointment to review the completed information. If needed, you may contact Ms. Goland at, or 518-782-6673.

If you wish to remain anonymous during the investigation, the Title IX Coordinator/EOS will consider how to proceed, taking into account your wishes, the College’s commitment to provide a safe environment, and the Respondent’s right to have specific notice of the allegations if the College were to take action that affects the Respondent.

Note: If you do not want to provide your name and contact information, you may submit an anonymous tip on the Public Safety Anonymous Complaint / Tips Page. Be advised that anonymous tips are only read Monday through Friday. Please contact the Public Safety Office at 518-783-2376 to report an incident occurring outside of these hours. You will still remain anonymous by reporting in this manner.

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