• in transition to Siena
  • in need of academic advising/assistance/tutoring
  • navigating College policies, procedures, requirements, and standards
  • requesting late course grading options and late course add/drop/withdrawals
  • seeking (along with their parents and faculty) assistance in reaching resolution of academic progress issues

The AVPAA of SASE provides leadership for the 10 offices, coordinates Siena's academic support services, retention efforts, communicates College policies and procedures, supports the decision making of faculty through assistance with interpretation of policies, and enforces academic integrity policies and academic standards.

Message from Dr. Glenn Braddock, avpaa

Welcome! Siena College is committed to supporting student academic success. Whether through tutoring, academic advising, academic support programming (e.g., study skills courses), academic intervention, etc., Siena's Student Academic Success and Engagement's main office staff will work closely with you to plan how to best assist you. 

Further, because we know that engagement is strongly associated with student persistence and success in college, you are strongly encouraged to avail yourself of the other nine key support programs that are part of SASE. 



Academic Community Engagement


Siena’s Center for Academic Community Engagement (ACE) is built on community-engaged learning. Saints who participate in ACE programs have the opportunity to enhance their academic experiences by getting out of the classroom and into the world.

Through any of our nine programs, current students and postgraduates have the opportunity to build meaningful long-term relationships with nonprofit partners in the Capital Region. ACE members actively engage with the community by participating in both direct and indirect service, providing them experience with real-world issues such as poverty, homelessness, hunger, and social injustice.

Career and Internship Center

Siena College does more than provide you with a lifelong education, we also ensure you have lifelong guidance and support. From the day you enroll to the day you retire, Siena's Career and Internship Center will help you achieve your goals through numerous programs, services and resources. 

Center for International Programs

Siena College embraces a global perspective by offering students a wide range of Study Abroad options, and by welcoming international students through a variety of exchange, dual degree and intensive English language programs. The Center for International Programs serves to coordinate semester-long and short-term study abroad, International Student Services, and the English Language Program, as well as advising for international post-graduate education, fellowships and careers.

Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

Siena College values classroom learning and high-impact, hands-on learning. That's why we established our Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (CURCA). CURCA ensures that undergraduate research and scholarship opportunities are available to as many students as possible, regardless of major.

First Year Seminar

The First Year Seminar is a two semester, writing intensive course taken sequentially by first year students. The goal of the Seminar is to prepare our freshmen for the intellectual life of college:  how to read critically, how to engage with a text, how to articulate an informed position on big questions, how to write clearly and persuasively, how to voice an opinion in a classroom conversation, how to make connections between and among the readings they are doing, the subjects they are studying, as well as between Siena and the outside world.  The First Year Seminar will teach our freshmen how to be students and will do this in a way that introduces them to the story that is unique to Siena and our Franciscan heritage.  First and foremost, this course is academically rigorous and is a symbol of academic excellence.

Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Program (HEOP) provides students, who may not be able to attend college due to educational and financial circumstances, access to a valuable college education. Co-sponsored by the New York State Education Department, HEOP eligibility is based on both academic and economic criteria.

Siena Enhanced Educational Development (SEED)

The Siena Enhanced Educational Development (SEED) Program provides individualized academic support that is designed to optimize students’ potential in their transition to Siena College. This is a four-year program that supports students immediately prior to their first year through the path to graduation. Only new, first year students will be accepted into the program. They will join a group of their SEED peers who have the opportunity to learn the skills and strategies that are necessary for success at Siena, while also completing the required coursework for their major and the College Core Curriculum. SEED reflects Siena’s commitment to provide students with all available resources and guidance to will maximize their opportunities for success at at the College. 

Standish Honors Program

The Standish Honors Program expands opportunities to develop critical and creative thinking; to gather, synthesize, and analyze evidence in making reasoned and informed judgments; to appreciate cultural diversity; and to enhance written and oral communication skills. Every effort is made to challenge intellectually motivated students while keeping them fully involved in the life of the College.

Office of Internships

Siena's Office of Internship Programs works one-on-one with our Saints during the entire internship process - from the search for a site all the way to the final days of work in the site's office. The Office works with employers from an array of industries, ensuring that students are matched with the industry that works for their career aspirations. 

Writing Center

The Writing Center is an inclusive learning center dedicated to providing free writing support to a diverse population of students, faculty, staff, and community partners. Conscious of our roots in a Franciscan institution, we affirm individual learning needs, offer innovative delivery of writing instruction, and share high impact pedagogical practices with the community. Collaboration is at the heart of Writing Center work; as such, we nurture partnerships that explore socially-conscious educational practice in the pursuit of the common good.