SEED provides individualized academic support that is designed to optimize students’ potential in their transition to Siena College. This is a four-year program that supports students immediately prior to their first year through the path to graduation. Only new, first year students will be accepted into the program. They will join a group of their SEED peers who have the opportunity to learn the skills and strategies that are necessary for success at Siena, while also completing the required coursework for their major and the College Core Curriculum. SEED reflects Siena’s commitment to provide students with all available resources and guidance to will maximize their opportunities for success at at the College. 

Program Requirements

  • Attend frequent one-on-one academic counseling with the SEED Director
  • Take a specialized two-credit, enhanced academic skills course taught by the SEED Director during first year
  • Attend personalized mentoring and tutoring from successful upper-class student Mentors
  • Attend and be prepared for weekly Tutoring and Writing Center appointments
  • Regularly use the academic services as recommended by the SEED Director
  • Be a responsible and active participant in all aspects of one’s education
  • Show acceptable levels of progress as indicated in one’s Individualized Academic Advising plan

Student Learning Agreements

Students will sign a cooperative agreement with the SEED Director each semester. Progress will be reviewed on a regular basis and after faculty submission of Mid-Term and Final grades. Support services will be updated according to students’ needs throughout the semester.


Benefits of SEED

  • Individualized academic planning every semester
  • Priority access to early course registration
  • Mentoring in proven strategies for creating greater academic, professional and personal success 
  • Use of the SEED Center as a student study and lounge space
  • Personalized referrals to campus resources as needed
  • Continuous support from the SEED team throughout the participant’s time at the College


  • Accept personal responsibility
  • Increase self-motivation and personal self-management
  • Develop interdependence
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Maximize student learning tools
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Write more effectively
  • Improve creative and critical thinking skills
  • Master effective study skills
  • Learn how to access student resources at Siena College