Roja Ebrahimi. Roja’s research project includes the development of a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the artists of the MENA region who work under censorship.


Deirdre McBreen. Deirdre’s research project focuses on the vendor development program for the Black Wealth Initiative, Nascent.


A'Livija Mullins-Richard. A'Livija’s research focuses on environmental issues that include climate refugees, black cooperative farming/indigenous practices, racism in fast fashion and veganism, and acts of racial injustice in communities of color.


Amir Taylor. Amir’s research project focuses on providing insight, knowledge, and education on the topic of race in America, and also race at Siena College.


Kiara Woodward. Kiara will invite Rachel Cargle, a public academic, writer, and lecturer who has done an extensive amount of activist and academic work on the intersection of race and womanhood, to Siena College.