Valentine's Day is in the air! Which means one thing: time to share some love stories. Here at Siena College, if there's one thing all of us crush on day in and day out, it's, well, Siena College. Need a few extra reasons to make the decision to enroll here? Here's what made various members of our community fall for our darling school. Who, by the way, loves us back. 

Erin Faeth, English Education, ’15: “I fell in love with Siena when I realized that students are valued as people here and aren't just seen as people listening to enough lectures to earn a degree. Professors at Siena genuinely care about their students and go above and beyond to help students reach their goals.”

Audrey Allen, Spanish, ’15: “I like that there are small classes and I really get to know my professors. I know it’s cliché but you’re not just a number.”

Alyssa Murphy, English, '15: "I fell in love with Siena after my first tour here when I was a junior in high school. I had a wonderful tour during the summer and Siena just felt like home. This love grew throughout the process of choosing schools and I made the decision to attend. When I arrived on campus I was scared that the school wasn't going to be right for me, but by the second day of orientation I had made friends and bonded with the girls in my hallway. I felt like I could spend not only my next 4 years at Siena but the rest of my life here."

Fr. Dennis Tamburello, Professor of Religious Studies: “I fell in love with Siena for many reasons, not the least of which is its rootedness in the Franciscan tradition. This is manifest in many ways, such as the way faculty care deeply about their students, and the way students give so generously of themselves to serve others, especially the poor and the marginalized. I felt at home here from the very first day I arrived as a transfer student. I loved then, and still love now, the high emphasis placed on good teaching, and the concern to connect education with life.” 

Adam Casler, Director of Residential Life: “I fell in love when Siena when I came on my interview day. The members of the Student Affairs staff as well as the students I met made me feel immediately at home and as though Siena would be a great place for me to start my professional career.”

Dylan Cirrilla, Finance, ’16: “It’s small enough that you have a sense a community. It’s not just a place you live for four years. It’s also really easy to get involved here because of the amount of clubs offered on campus. If you don’t know your niche it’s pretty easy to find it.”

Patrick Madden, Marketing, Student Senate President, ’16: “I really enjoyed the sense of community whether it be amongst current students or alumni who keep in touch to help students get jobs."

Dylan Porcello, Political Science, ’16: “I fell in love with Siena because the professors teach their classes with the students’ best interest in mind.” 

Christina Ianotti, Undeclared, '18: "I fell in love with Siena the second I stepped foot on campus. The leaves were changing colors, which made campus look even more beautiful than usual. But it wasn’t just the looks that I fell in love with. The sense of community that Siena had was unlike any other. People actually cared about one another. Just walking through campus, I noticed that everyone was so friendly to each other, no matter what the circumstances were. When I finally arrived to visit a class, I realized that the professors here at Siena were wonderful. They knew the students by name, and even knew their back-stories. The professors actually care about their students’ lives and their academic performance, which is not always promised when going to other colleges. Overall, Siena’s community is very unique, and filled with caring, helpful, honest, and kind people. And I wouldn’t change it for the world."

Ashley Letteri, Political Science, '18: "I fell in love with Siena after I was accepted and decided to visit campus. After visiting campus to determine is Siena was the right for for me, I was so angry at myself for not being more excited on my acceptance. Coming to campus really allowed me to see what Siena is all about and you can only get that experience on campus. Coming to Siena is the greatest decision I could have made!" 

Frank Mosher, Biology, '18: "I fell in love with Siena when I saw the campus and smiling faces. It matched the mood perfectly for when I visited in the spring."

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