There are a lot of solid reasons to transfer to Siena—especially because of our new Transfer Guarantee

What that entails: Every admitted transfer student is guaranteed at least $28,000 in scholarships (you read that right!) toward the completion of their degree; a custom career experience; a personal Road to Graduation Coach to help you finish on time; and housing, if you want it.

But beyond the facts, we think it’d be helpful for you—if you are considering transferring to Siena—to hear from someone who was once in your shoes. 

So meet Michael Wallace, a 2015 Siena grad with a degree in American Studies Education and French.

1) What made you want to transfer, and what were some of the most important  factors for you when choosing where to transfer to? 

My decision to attend Siena began almost immediately after high school. Since I was afforded the opportunity to take university-level French language classes during my junior and senior years of high school, I initially researched schools with a strong language program. 

In considering alternative undergraduate programs across the Northeast in conjunction with the financial endeavor of completing a graduate degree as  a professional goal, I needed to effectively balance cost, community and course credits. Thankfully, in choosing Siena, I did not have to sacrifice among these factors. I  achieved a high-quality and student-centered academic program that provided me with  the skills to be a successful business leader in my organization and community.  

2) What made you choose Siena? 

The academic reputation, as noted through the alumni network, combined with engaged faculty, who empower their students to research areas of interest, were the two paramount reasons in choosing Siena. For example, my studies in Francophone culture, led to further interests in studying linguistic and cultural nuances within the  province of Québec. In working closely with Dr. Janet Shideler, who shares my passion  for research in this area, I was able to complete independent study credits and further  utilize this knowledge during my study abroad experience at Université Laval in Québec City, Québec. 

3) How would you describe the actual process? Anything you really liked about  it? 

The personal concierge experience provided by the staff and faculty set every student  up for success at Siena. Jen was (and still is) a wonderful point of contact and tremendous ambassador to share what Siena offers its students. She (and the entire  admissions team) made everything so seamless, which provided for a great student centered experience from day one to commencement…and even now as an alumnus. I always appreciated how responsive the faculty and staff were to any questions I had regarding the admissions process or degree program.  

4) What were your first few months like? 

In building off conversations with Jen regarding my academic interests, I was  immediately introduced to faculty of the Modern Languages (French) and History  Departments. Specifically, Dr. Nathalie Degroult, was the first professor I met on  campus. Her French Conversations II course was so enlightening! Additionally, I met Dr.  Christiane Farnan, who served as my American Studies thesis advisor. I distinctly remember her Early American Literature course as the most interactive and engaging English course I ever had! 

5) What are you up to now, and do you feel like Siena helped prepare you for  that? 

In reflecting on my time at Siena, in relationship to my career journey, the liberal arts focus prepared me with a strong foundation to lead, communicate, think critically and  develop solutions within diverse global environments. Since graduating in 2015, I  obtained an MBA from the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Collectively, I have leveraged these experiences to serve in leadership roles with Fortune 50 companies, including: The Walt Disney Company and Amazon. 

6) So, glad you transferred to Siena?! 

My decision to attend Siena remains one of the best decisions I have ever made in my  life. Simply put, a day does not go by when I do not reference something I learned from my time at Siena. I still keep in contact with several of my professors who continue to  serve as mentors in my career and professional endeavors. To any student considering  Siena, the experiences gained as a student provide not only a well-regarded degree, but the Education for a Lifetime!

Think you’d like to transfer too?